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About our Affiliate Links

You may notice that we feature affiliate links to Amazon on a few of our news, reviews and deal posts. If you decide to use one of these links and purchase the item it takes you to, we’ll get a small percentage of the total cost of the order; at no extra price to you. This will allow us to keep improving the Player Journal over the coming months and effectively keep it in the running lane to popularity. Currently, our website does not host any adverts as we know they can be a nuisance, so we look to using affiliate links.

We don’t shove these links on every and all posts that we publish, however, we do include an added notice to the end of posts that do include an affiliate link. This ensures that our readers know exactly what they mean and how they can benefit us in every way possible.

Thank you to everyone, past and present, who may use our affiliate partners. You’re the reason we are able to improve our service!