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Assassin’s Creed: Origins Review Roundup

Assassin's Creed: Origins

After taking a hiatus from the series, Ubisoft first revealed details about Assassin’s Creed: Origins earlier this year. As someone who has loved mostly every game in the franchise (yes, even AC3), I was genuinely rather excited to see what the team could pull out of the bag, in terms of new content. Being set in Egypt, with a heavy focus set on an RPG-esque genre, Origins started to look and feel like a completely different game. However, for the better or worst? As usual, we’ve selected five reviews from other critics for you to sink your teeth into. Enjoy!

IGN – 9/10 (Full Review Here)

“Assassin’s Creed Origins is a deep-dive into a truly stunning realization of ancient Egypt, with a rich series of cultures, genuine characters, and more mission variety than any other game in the series. The combat is challenging and thoughtful, and while the loot system doesn’t match up to games like Destiny 2, there are enough different weapon types and enough enemy variety to keep you swapping between weapons, catered to the situation. The RPG elements encourage challenges of their own, and even despite a handful of bugs, I desperately wanted to keep playing.”

Gamespot – 7/10 (Full Review Here)

“While Assassin’s Creed Origins reaches great heights in this new setting, it routinely runs into issues that bog down the overall experience. Technical issues make for an inconsistent experience and its new gameplay pillars wobble under the weight of its systems. But despite this, the world of Origins remains fresh and exciting to explore, which is a testament to the remarkable setting and compelling story. Assassin’s Creed has undergone many changes in its long and storied history, and Origins feels like the first step in the start of a new journey. It has its fair share of problems, but the vision for its future is one worth pursuing.”

Ars Technica – No Score (Full Review Here)

“Despite this, Origins is a triumph, of sorts. The feeling of perusing the ancient world in this fidelity is special on its own, and one of the best examples yet for a game’s visual beauty alone being a stunning, inspirational experience. But, far too often that gives ground to more traditionally game-y bits that dilute Origins’ best moments. A shining example of what exploration-based games can be, dropping many of its franchise’s worst traits even while being sometimes held back by the mundane. Buy it.”

EuroGamer – Recommended (Full Review Here)

“Last night I moved in on the final boss fight. Then, I moved past the final boss fight and into the most bizarre endgame I can imagine in a big budget affair. And it was bizarre because of the scale Ubisoft was willing to reach for, even now, the places it was willing to take me, even at the end of an adventure, and its sheer unwillingness to stop making improbably lavish new stuff. As dawn rose, I wondered whether this would ever end, and I realised that I didn’t really want it to. Assassin’s Creed remains a wonderfully foolhardy game in terms of its ambition and its generosity, even if it is no longer quite as distinct as it once was.”

Kotaku – No Score (Full Review Here)

Assassin’s Creed Origins is ungainly and uneven, beautiful and frustrating, expansive and unexpectedly conservative. It won’t challenge the palate; rather, it is a prime example of video-game comfort food. It’s here to be slowly enjoyed, offering a seemingly endless supply of gorgeous locales and steadily-filling progress bars. If Ubisoft is a digital travel agency, Origins provides one of the most sweeping, enveloping destinations they’ve yet offered. Come for the beautiful recreation of ancient Egypt, stay for the beautiful recreation of ancient Egypt.”

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