Monday, February 19, 2018
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Battlerite Winter Updates Goes Live

Battlerite Alysia

Battlerite, the MOBA that only released last month on Steam and is seeing some very healthy player count figures, has just received its first winter update in time for Christmas.

Titled Frozen Mists, there’s a tonne of new content added to the free-to-play title. Firstly, Alysia is the newest Champion to be added to the roster, who specializes in using frost and ice to freeze and damage her foes. A lot of her skills inflict Chill to targets, which slows their movement speed by a certain percentage. 

Also, until January 9th, players can complete special quests to earn an Arctic Chests. Ice Chests are also available through levelling your account whilst this festive event is ongoing and is a replacement for the normal Silver Chests for the time being. The Arctic Chests, however, are rarer, costing 250 Gems each to purchase but guarantee “one non-duplicate Epic or Legendary Frozen Item”. Inside these special chests are the following new wintery goodies:

  • 4 new Legendary Outfits for a total of 6
  • 5 new Frozen Weapons for a total of 24
  • 24 new Rare poses
  • 1 new Legendary Mount for a total of 3
  • 10 new Avatars for a total of 2
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