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Bomber Crew Receives First Main DLC

Bomber Crew

Bomber Crew originally launched a few months ago and it’s already received its own dedicated fanbase, racking up its player and review count. Today, the game has received its first ever DLC pack.

If you’re looking for more content to play right now, then the newly released Secret Weapons DLC will add in new weather conditions, enemies and upgrades. However, if you’re looking for more of a long-term content rush whilst also supporting small developers, then a Season Pass is also on offer, costing a mere £9.99, whereas the Secret Weapons DLC costs £4.99.

Included in this Season Pass is the following:

  • Secret Weapons DLC pack (Out Now!)
  • Unannounced DLC Pack 2! (Out Q2!)
  • Sounds Of The Sky – The Bomber Crew Soundtrack (Out Now!)
  • Bomber Crew Fancy Skin Pack (Out Now!)
  • Bomber Crew Historical Skin Pack (Out Q2!)
  • An Exclusive skin pack, on release of DLC pack 2 (Out Q2!)


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