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Call of Duty: WWII Review Roundup

Call of Duty WW2

For the second time, Sledgehammer has once again shaken the Call of Duty franchise up. They were the first to introduce the Exo Suits, whether fans liked them or not, and now they’ve taken the series back to World War 2; something that everybody has been waiting for. Promising an authentic campaign experience, gritty multiplayer scenarios and horrifying Nazi Zombie rounds, how does Call of Duty: WWII hold up, now that it has finally released? As usual, we’ve selected five reviews from other critics for you to sink your teeth into. Enjoy!

PC Gamer – 70/100 (Full Review Here)

“WWII marks the first time I felt like I could get a grip on Call of Duty’s multiplayer since Black Ops 2, and the most fun I’ve had with it since Modern Warfare. It’s a familiar feeling, but a comfortable one. If the matchmaking settles and if it can maintain a PC population larger than a small town in North Dakota, then WWII could be a great Call of Duty for anyone bothered by the direction the multiplayer was going with the complications futuristic warfare rolled in. But a dull, safe campaign has me aching to return to fictional wars, something that at least gives Call of Duty the room it needs to be loud and dumb and free from the responsibility of teaching the kids anything besides no-scope 720s.”

PlayStation Lifestyle – 9/10 (Full Review Here)

“World War II was the right move. Call of Duty reaches back to its roots to bring players an entry worthy of the series’ namesake. The campaign is emotional, multiplayer is classic, and Nazi Zombies is downright dark and terrifying. No matter which kind of player you are, there is something for everyone, whether it’s a cinematic story, a competitive and social multiplayer, or an immensely difficult battle against undead Nazis. Call of Duty: WWII is another incredible package of experiences, each distinct from the others, but tied together by the unifying themes of World War II that deserve your attention.”

Game Informer – 8.75 (Full Review Here)

“The campaign captures Call of Duty’s signature explosive feel through various adrenaline-fueled moments like chases, a tank vs tank segment, and firing AA guns. However, the standard gunplay and endless killing fields often feel like a slog, taking down hundreds of enemies and moving to the next defensive position. Counting on your squad for ammo, enemy positions, health packs, grenades, and strikes offers some novelty near the beginning of the game, but once you settle in, these elements display no important differentiation from classic hide-until-your-health-returns gameplay.

While the campaign fails to provide a compelling tale and is often bogged down in uninteresting large-scale slaughter, Call of Duty:WWII nails its multiplayer, new social hub, and zombie modes to provide the back to boot-on-the-ground experience fans have clamored for since the first foray into space.”

GamesRadar – 4/5 (Full Review Here)

“Weirdly, for a story about one of the most famous wars in history, this does a poor job of telling you what’s actually going on. The old Call of Duty World War 2 games always made it clear that the Allies were doing this, the Axis were doing that, and here’s what’s at stake. Here it feels like the script was just ‘war stuff happens’ written repeatedly over the page.

From moment to moment, though, the campaign is solid, unwavering fun with some great set pieces and moments. Taking a step back really exposes the single player as a collection of good levels and ideas strung together, rather than a narrative. The experience overall though is good and, with such an enjoyable and varied multiplayer offering, everything ultimately balances out.”

GameSpot – 9/10 (Full Review Here)

“Ultimately, if every shooter set in the European Theater of World War II is measured by how it depicts its D-Day landing–assuming it has such a mission–Call of Duty: WWII emphatically succeeds in its impactful designs and delivery. The sensation of riding the troop carrier as it approached the beach filled me with depression more than dread, knowing I’d survive eventually while many of my surrounding brothers in arms wouldn’t. While not equally emotional, this battle’s reinterpretation in War mode proves to be a highlight in a superb suite of competitive modes. Zombies rounds off this stellar return to form, effectively blending the ferocity of online cooperative play with the goal-driven satisfaction of found in the campaign. As one of the most comprehensive and filler-free Call of Dutys in recent memory, Call of Duty: WWII successfully capitalizes on the series’ strengths.”

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