Saturday, February 17, 2018
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Crimsonland’s Brutal Gore Now Available for Nintendo Switch


Looking to bring a bit more violence to your Nintendo Switch? Well, other than DOOM, which features all of the gore that you could ever want. Twin-stick shooter, Crimsonland, is now available to purchase on Nintendo Switch for £10.79.

Featuring sixty missions, players will need to blast their way through countless enemies, using the dozens of weapons that are ready for use; all unlocking as progress is made through the campaign mode. Killing enemies will grant XP, which after levelling up, a perk can be chosen and selected, offering a system that adds a tiny blend of an RPG, allowing any playstyle of any choosing. Crimsonland also features a Survival mode that tasks players to grab the highest score possible, using all of the tactics that they learnt in the main missions.

If you’re interested in purchasing more Switch titles, then take a look at Stick It To The Man, which has also just been released for the handheld console.

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