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Destiny 2 PC Launch – Everything You Need To Know

Nearly two months after the worldwide release for consoles, the PC launch of Destiny 2 is right around the corner. We’ve got your back if you’re looking for specific details. Adding a whole lot of new content from the previous game, expect to lose your original loot and die a lot, as you take back your world. Still ready to read those specifications?

Firstly, the Destiny 2 will unlock on October 24th for PC, at 10am PDT in Los Angeles. Take a look at the little image below to see where the major locations also fit into the timezone; you can click on the image to blow it up to fullscreen, the initial preview might be a bit blurry. If you’re living in the United Kingdom, like yours truly, expect to be heading into the game at 6pm BST, whereas if you live in Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo or Australia, you’ll have to stay up into the early hours of the morning to get the first hands on.

If you’re also wondering if your rig will be able to run Destiny 2, Bungie has also piled together a minimum and recommended table of specifications needed. We’ll screenshot it and paste it in below so it’s neater than what we’d recreate… As you can see, to play the game on minimum, it’s suggested that you own a GTX 660, 1050 or an HD 7850. On the other hand, to run at the recommended settings, you’ll be looking at needing a GTX 970, 1060 or R9 390. It’s also a huge 68GB big, too, so if you’ve pre-ordered, make sure you get pre-loading on

Destiny 2 Specs

In terms of actual gameplay, settings and performance go, when I managed to head into the beta that happened a short while ago, I produced a video covering all three of these subjects. As a reference point, on my GTX 1070 rig, I was able to run Destiny 2 at 4k resolution with most settings on the high preset and was able to hit between 50-60FPS in the majority of every area. Obviously, this may be different for every person but if you want to get a good look at all of the options on offer for PC users, take a look at my video below.

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