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Dishonored 2 Speedrun – 31 Minutes

Dishonored 2 was finally released last Friday but players have already managed to speedrun the game to completion. 

Yesterday, news sites were posting about a player who had had a new world record at running the game. This high score has now been beaten by a Canadian player, DrTChops. According to, they were able to complete Dishonored 2 in a mere 31 minutes and 32 seconds. This is the current world record for finishing the game as Corvo, as Emily is able to move just slightly faster. 

The video was posted to YouTube today and doesn’t seem to include Chops using glitches to escape the map. Correct me if I am wrong, however. 

“We were aiming at 12-20 hrs playtime (dependent heavily on play-style); playtest says more like 16-20 first time through #Dishonored2.”

For a game that is averaged at roughly 12-16 hours for a playthrough, it’s amazing how someone can run it that quickly, only a few days after release.

You can check out the speedrun in the video below.

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