Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Dying Light to Receive Battle Royale Expansion

Dying Light

Techland has recently announced that Dying Light will be receiving a standalone PvP expansion next year, that’ll be based upon the Battle Royale genre. Titled Bad Blood, it’ll merge the normal PvE gameplay into its new and violent online matchmaking.

Details are currently scarce but in a current gaming world of a tonne of Battle Royale clones, I personally feel like Techland’s will possibly stand out the most. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I played of the Dying Light campaign and its DLC, so when I start to think of the current genre of methodical, slower, strategic and tactical BR style of gameplay, this is where Bad Blood will shine through. Offering a first-person perspective, proper melee weapons and a full parkour system, just imagine how fluid and fast-paced matches are going to be; chase scenes are going to be great.

Ready for its launch in 2018, PC players can currently sign up to partake in a closed participation test.

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