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Far Home, Upcoming Sci-Fi VR Title, Releasing 2018

Far Home VR

Far Home, a brand new Sci-Fi VR title, will be hitting Early Access in January 2018, with a full release schedule for the end of the year for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Developed by DEVCUBESTUDIO, this is the team’s first entry into VR grounds and it sounds pretty great!

Set in the year 2300, humanity is desperately searching for a new home, as Earth has become overpopulated and polluted. Featuring four different classes to choose from, Far Home will let players explore five distinct planets, all with their own destructive environments, as the search for a settlement for the human race turns desperate. Of course, these planets already offer a home for countless different species, who will either offer their help or decide to attack you. 

“We are extremely proud to announce our game, something that we’ve been working on since 2015. It was a hard decision to start a VR project, but we are now one step away from being able to share the results of our hard work, and we sincerely hope the gaming world takes an interest in our project.”

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