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Free DLC Heading to Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine

Vertigo Games has announced that Arizona Sunshine will be receiving a new DLZ update on November 28th, free for all owners of the zombie title on PlayStation VR.

Included in this free content addition are two fresh maps for the co-op Horde mode, which lets up to four players survive against the many undead enemies. The first, Old Mine, has players starting with a single flashlight and highly encourages deep and tactical team-play as they’ll be tasked with defending their hideout, whilst supply runs will still have to be made to find vital gear. Lastly, Undead Valley is the second map, which is a “zombie-infested warehouse-turned-underground casino”, situated close to Las Vegas. As players explore new areas, they’ll come across extra weapons, ammunition and supplies to help them stay ahead of the horde.

Arizona Sunshine is out now for PlayStation VR and Oculus, however, these new maps are limited to Sony’s console.

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