Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Killing Floor 2 Free Weekend on Steam

Killing Floor 2

Now, if you’re still not in the Christmas spirit with the big day just around the corner, I have the perfect remedy for you. Until Sunday, Killing Floor 2 is free to play and, of course, it’s not Christmas without some “Zed-slaughtering mayhem”! 

Easily one of the past wave shooters, Killing Floor 2 dominates the market with its huge amount of content that is added on an extremely regular basis. This free trial follows the release of the new winter event, Krampus Christmas, which brings in a new boss, weapons, map and festive Zeds. Lovely! 

Killing Floor 2 is also on sale for £9.99 and as usual, if you wish to purchase the full game afterwards, then all progress will carry over.

If you’re looking for more PC deals, Homefront: The Revolution is also free-to-play on Steam for this weekend.

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