Saturday, February 24, 2018
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LawBreakers 50% Off In Winter Sale

LawBreakers Roster

Starting tomorrow, LawBreakers will be on sale for 50% off on Steam, which brings it down to £12.49, or you snatch it for the same price on the NA PlayStation store today. Don’t expect to see this discount on the UK PlayStation store because, to be perfectly honest here, our storefront never sees any sort of large deals that the US does. Sigh.

Also tomorrow, two entire weeks of double XP will begin, so that’s also a bonus of picking the game up! If you’re unsure of what LawBreakers is, take a look at the description below:

“In Boss Key Productions’ LawBreakers, players can shoot, ski, grapple, fly, slide, kick, slice, pulverize, blind-fire, wall-jump and more in this competitive, gravity-defying multiplayer FPS that’s fun to pick up and a thrill to master.”

If you’re looking for more PC news, take a look at Dauntless’ new winter update, Frostfall.

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