Friday, February 23, 2018
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TERA Playable at PlayStation Experience


TERA, the large-scale MMORPG originally released for PC, will be making its first debut appearance on PlayStation 4 consoles at PSX this weekend.

Players will be able to hop in and give the game a try, taking a look at its mechanics that have been redesigned for consoles, including a fully recreated UI that houses the games intricate features. Rumoured and announced quite a while ago, this is the first time that the public will be able to see firsthand (and play) TERA on consoles. The full release date for the PlayStation 4 version is due in 2018.

“Get ready for the action-packed challenge of your life in TERA! Your adventures in this breathtaking universe will push the very boundaries of the genre. With its True Action Combat system, you need to aim and dodge to cast spells, land your attacks and avoid taking damage. Timing and tactics are key to victory in this game!”

If you’re attending PSX, you can find the TERA at booth 45 and 46, on Saturday 10am-10pm and Sunday 10am-6pm. 

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