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The Division’s Biggest Update Ever Launches Tomorrow

The Division 1.8

In its lifecycle since releasing last year, The Division has gone through quite a bit, with its developers and community. However, right now, the upcoming 1.8 update is the biggest thing to have ever happened to The Division, and it’ll be launching tomorrow.

Free for all owners of the game, the Resistance update will be bringing a new PvE mode of the same name, a Skirmish PvP mode, a rework of the Rogue system, gear optimization and the large West Side Piers map. I mean, that’s a lot of content for players to push through and could it any better than being free?

Firstly, Resistance will pit up to four Agents together to fight against the oncoming factions, that’ll be attacking in wave-forms. Enemies will drop resources which will allow players to build their defences, thus allowing them to survive longer and receive greater rewards. Skirmish, however, seems to be like a normal team deathmatch style mode, placing two teams of four against each other and the one with the highest kill count wins. 

The West Side Piers is a new PvE expansion, which will offer a new storyline that’ll feature previous factions working together for the first time. One of the main changes happening to the Rogue system will be a voluntary one; if a squad member decides to go Rogue, the other players in said squad will have the choice to follow with the Rogue Agent, or carry on how they are. Ubisoft has stated that this has been designed to prevent any accidental Rogue combat.

You can read full details of the upcoming update over on Ubi’s blog post.


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