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Ubisoft Starts 30 Days of Free Goodies

To coincide with their 30th birthday and the Christmas spirit, Ubisoft are giving away one free item, per day, until December 23rd. You may remember us writing about Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon being Ubisoft’s free game of the month (which is still currently available) but they’ve decided to step their game up from once a month to once a day. “This isn’t like Ubisoft!!” I hear you cry. Everybody enjoys birthdays and it seems that Ubisoft are human, just like the rest of us. 

All you need to do is head on over to the promotional calendar page and sign in with your uPlay account. Each new day allows you to click on one of the little white boxes and revel in joy as you receive your free gift. Now, every item may not be something you’re looking for; there will be possible DLC, assets and also, of course, games. The first present was Rayman Classic on mobile. Second was a time limited sale on Ubisoft games and today (3rd box) is a selection of digital E3 posters. You can go back to open boxes you may have missed and you’ll still be able to claim a selection of products, however, sales and such are limited to the day they were released on.

Someone on Twitter revealed the source code to the site, showing off all upcoming freebies. This information has now been posted on Reddit. We won’t ruin the surprise for you like some of the other pesky news sites but if you wish to check, then the link is free for you to click. Our Christmas gift to you.

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